We are the Alveshere’s – A Full-Time RVing Family

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Join us on our journey as we explore the USA, homeschool our boys, embrace new challenges, and follow God’s plan for our family while traveling full-time in our RV!

A Little Bit About Us

We are the Alveshere’s–Kyle, Megan, Brooks, Roland, and our dog Wanda, living and traveling full-time in our RV. Our home base is Rogers, Minnesota. It is the state where we met, fell in love, and started our family together. We love Minnesota, but we also love to travel. Our friends and family thought (or possibly still think) we were crazy when we told them we were going to sell everything, buy an RV, and travel full-time across the U.S. This decision was not a spontaneous one, not taken lightly, or made without loads of prayer, questions, research, and more prayer. You see, it was more than just the travel that inspired this lifestyle for us. We had a burning desire and call to homeschool our boys, give them experiences that they can learn and grow from, and meet new people whom we otherwise would never get the chance to meet. So here we are, on the road, learning and growing together as a family of 4, loving the freedoms this lifestyle provides, and looking forward to the adventures that await us!

Join us on our journey as we seek to follow God’s plan for our family, learn the ropes to RV life, homeschool our boys, and take it one day at a time.

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